ROBLOX:I absolutely LOVE this app. I love how i

I absolutely LOVE this app. I love how it entertains me,and it takes my time away as I play many different games. I love the updates and the metaverse and how realistic it is. This is probably one of the first games I’ve played with that realism and 3D clothing. Roblox is a highly reccomended app for me,and an essential in my daily life. But there obviously are some cons about this community. Some children or developers which make very innopropriate content and people who scam or hack other unsespecting people. I’ve or we’ve all seen people who don’t realize or arn’t aware that young children under 13 may be playing this game,and it’s really not appropriate to be playing bad content. If we report hackers,scammers,or general people who do not follow the Roblox terms of service,then please give them warnings or ban them.